Compact Disinfection Unit

Compact Disinfection Unit

CDU(M7100) Point-Of-Use (POU) ozonated water disinfection system

Improve hygiene and care
Reduce the risk of infections
Effective against Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas spp. and E. coli
Safe to use
Does not interfere with dental material bond strengths

[Ozone] possesses several of the properties of an ideal disinfectant: it effectively removes pathogens over a range of physical and chemical conditions; it produces no residues and no unacceptable by-products (only oxygen); it is easy to generate, safe to handle, suitable for widespread use and cost-effective. Ozone requires only a short contact time to kill and inactivate bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi and its antimicrobial action is relatively unaffected by pH. Unlike chlorination, it is able to give greater than 99% reductions in the levels of parasites such as Giardia lamblia and Cryptosoridium spp.

Laurence J. Walsh Professor, Head of School of Dentistry University of Queensland, Australia

High purity ozone, easy dissolution, high ppm
Our exclusive and advanced technology produces ozone without any other products besides oxygen. This allows for high dissolution in water, giving high ppm concentrations for effective disinfection.

No unacceptable by-products, no rinse required, residue-free
Ozone naturally reverts back to oxygen.

Safe for everyone, from all aspects
Ozonated water can be used to protect patients and staff from bacteria and infections. It is safe to handle and can be used on water contactable surfaces.
All Biowell systems use Biotek Electrolytic Ozone Generation (EOG) Technology for safe and efficient ozone generation without any health risks. All systems are designed with a built-in ozone neutralizing unit.

Compatible with dental bonding materials
Ozonated water leaves no biocidal traces so there is no contamination risk in bonding procedures and does not interfere with dental material bond strengths in endodontic.

Effective even against drug resistant bacteria
Ozone acts instantly, oxidizing bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms by rupturing their cell membranes. Microorganisms cannot build a resistance to ozone.


Hand wash
First, wash hands according to existing protocol. Then, rinse hands for 20 seconds under ozonated water. The ozonated water will enhance detergent performance. Activate the system using the motion sensor to prevent cross-contamination. The machine will auto shut-off after 20 seconds.

Surface disinfection (with Biowell Spray Bottle)
Moisten cloth with ozonated water. Use immediately to wipe surfaces, such as dental office countertops, cabinets, equipment surfaces, water-contactable surfaces, and so on. For better results, use with the ozone-compatible Biowell Spray Bottle. Fill the spray bottle with ozonated water and use immediately for best results; Ozonated water can be stored in the special bottle for up to 20 minutes. Spray surfaces with the bottle and wipe.

Instrument pre-wash
Pre-wash instruments with ozonated water and perform a visual check before autoclaving as an assurance to an existing sterilization step.

Bacteria-free water source
Wash skin, mouths, and wounds and for applications requiring clean water for infection control. Soak or wash impressions, prosthesis, dentures, night guards, bleaching trays, temporary crowns and bridges, implants abutments, etc.

Scaling & prophylaxis
Fill water supply bottle of the scaler unit with ozonated water.

Irrigant in ultrasonic scalers

Fill bottles with ozonated water.

Dental unit water bottles
Fill bottles with ozonated water to prevent biofilm build-up.

Mouth rinse
Fill patient’s cup with ozonated water and use immediately for rinsing. Use as a pre-procedural mouth rinse. Ozonated water has antibacterial properties and is a bacteria-free water source.

Treatment area irrigation
Fill a syringe with a needle with ozonated water and use it to irrigate the treatment area. Use immediately.
*Ensure accessories and equipment that contact ozonated water are of ozone-resistant material.

Surface disinfection with the Spray Bottle
Outer Aluminum material Inner ozone-compatible coating Capacity 275ml
Fill the spray bottle with ozonated water and use immediately. Ozonated water stored in the special ozone-compatible bottle is effective up to 20 minutes.
Simply thoroughly spray surfaces and wipe.

Spray Bottle
Safe Effective No-rinse
Removes bacteria
Removes odor
Leaves no residue or smell

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and naturally reverts back to oxygen. It leaves no residual and does not require a final rinse or wipe down. Cleaning is easier and faster.

At Biowell we are committed to developing ozonated water disinfection products to improve quality of care and hygiene. We strive for excellence and quality in our products and service, to bring you the benefits of ozone in a safe, easy to use system effective across multiple applications.


Ozone’s Bacterial Disinfection Mechanism

Ozone Creation: Singlet Oxygen (O) + Oxygen (O2) = Ozone (O3)
Ozone Dispersion Ozone (O3) + Bacteria, odor, pesticides = Oxygen (O2)
Structure of a bacteria cell and disinfection procedure:
Ozone oxidizes bacteria cell wall and membrane, allowing water and additional ozone to enter the cell.
The sudden flood of ozone (O3) and hydroxyl (OH) dissolved in water (H20) causes cell lysis, and as it bursts, the genetic material and enzymes are released into the ozonated water.
In the ozonated water, the ozone attacks the unleashed cell components so that it cannot recover and no resistance is built up.

After contact with the various cell components, ozone (O3) reverts back to its stable oxygen (O2) state. Therefore, there are no residues and no final rinse required.

Ozone is the world’s most powerful naturally occurring oxidizing agent. It is a composed of three oxygen atoms and is highly unstable. Ozone’s instability is what makes it such a powerful oxidant, since it seeks to quickly shed its excess oxygen atom and revert to atmospheric oxygen (O2). The excess oxygen atom is typically used to oxidize an organic substance. Ozone also exhibits a short shelf life and quickly reverts back to atmospheric oxygen even when it is isolated and contained within a non-oxidizable tank. It is for this reason that the ozone must be generated on-site a short period before usage.

Proudly Powered By EOG
Our patented Indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generation (EOG) uses water to generate ozone. With a sophisticated power control, water is electrolyzed, forming H2, O2 and O3. H2 passes the cathode on the generator and is directed to the drain. Hence the gases collected through the electrolysis reaction include only O and O (O = 28 wt%), without any associated hazardous substance. This technology produces the highest purity and concentration of ozone on demand.

Biowell’s Electrolytic ozone generation (EOG) technology in Biowell systems

NOx Free*1
Highest purity available
Only tap water & electricity are required
No air dryer or oxygen concentrator
Full time performance monitoring
Safe to operate
Low power consumption
Not affected by air quality and humidity
Patented ATS (Anytime System) for immediate dissolved ozone
*1Nitrous Oxide (NOx) is a known carcinogen that reacts with moisture and other compounds to produce nitric acid and other toxic by-products.

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