Ozone Disinfection

Ozone killing of key pathogens
Dissolved ozone at only 0.6 ug/L – inactivates E. coli (4 logs in 1 minute) – similar for Staphyloccus sp. and Pseudomonas fluorescens inactivation. Streptococcus faecalis requires 2 mins contact time at the same dissolved ozone conc.

Ozone advantages

  • More effective than chlorine, chloramines, and chlorine dioxide for inactivation of viruses, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia.
  • Controls colour, taste, and odours.
  • Very short contact time.
  • Upon decomposition, the only residual is dissolved oxygen.
  • Biocidal activity is not influenced by pH.

Ozone, An Effective Treatment For Dental Unit Water Lines.
2 minutes treatment showed reduction from 5200 to 300 CFU/ml after first application, then 0 CFU/ml at the second & subsequent uses.The treatment of DUWL with ozone gave rise to a substantial reduction in many of the microbial catabolites.

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